The VIAȚA Program – adventure education youth camp – was a hard step at the beginning for the 14 children from Castelu and for their parents, but easier on the way and very important to be taken. They all did great! 

For many of the children from Castelu, the trip to the Viața Program at Straja was their first time outside the village, their first time being far away from their parents. It was the moment when they left their familiar places and went on an adventure which they will probably remember all their life. 

Before starting the exercises, the children discovered the woods, the mountains, the totally new landscape. New for them and a reason for joy were also the comfortable rooms, the white sheets and the soft towels, the warm running water. 

“After the first day of accommodation, the action started: they climbed the rocks, they climbed the trees with help from each other (impressed by the safety equipment), they built shelter from branches and bark, had hikes looking for cold spring water and blueberries, picnics in the woods, campfires, plus many other playing activities. They overcame their fears and had the courage to try new things. They understood what the strength of a team means and how important trust is: to give it, but also to receive it. Back home, I found the children, but especially the parents, happy with all this experience.” – tells us Cristina Dan, local coordinator of the project Together for a better life in the Castle. (Împreună pentru o viață mai bună în Castelu).