Respecting the right to education for all children must be a priority

Reality Check Association brought together on Thursday 30 June 2022, at the same table, representatives of the Government and other relevant institutions to discuss how together we can help people in the most vulnerable communities to really succeed in living better and accessing basic services: education, health, social support, decent housing or jobs. Two such communities are Castelu and Coroieni, where Reality Check has been working for many years now and where from 2021 it is implementing two complex integrated intervention projects funded through the Active Citizen Fund Romania programme.

Some of the challenges discussed, to which we want to find solutions:

  • children who are not in the statistics on school dropouts because they are not even enrolled in school or kindergarten 
  • the importance of enrolling and attending kindergarten in order to prevent the great difficulties of adaptation that many children from disadvantaged communities face when starting school
  • the large number of under-age mothers and the situation of their children (who are often registered in the name of someone else in the family, which makes subsequent social interventions more difficult)
  • difficulty in finding or involving school mediators 

Following the event, a working group was set up to provide local teams with pragmatic support in addressing the difficult situations identified in the communities and to disseminate the solutions found to other vulnerable communities facing similar problems.

More details HERE (available only in Romanian)