More than 30 children from the primary school in Castelu participated in the second session of the Literacy Boot Camp and personal development activities (through adventure and play). There were 5 intensive days. The children learnt how they can first play with the letters and then with the words, how they can play hopscotch and how many funny things one can do with a ball.

This educational session was a common effort of the Noi Orizonturi Foundation (the facilitator of the activities), Reality Check, Castelu Primary School – managed by Marin Anamaria (Principal) and by Mihaela Mircea (Deputy Principal), Ionela Costin (teacher) and Cadrie Osman (school mediator) – they made sure that the children knew when the activities were starting, Antoneta Prodan – Deputy Mayor Castelu and the volunteer children from the village, who translated for their friends from Romanian and for the trainers from turkish.